Monday, March 28, 2011


i've been working on a triptych for a little while now, and i'm just about done with it! really the only thing left for me to do is attach the hinges and possibly some molding, and then it'll be done. i'll post some pics after i'm sure it's completed.

in other news, yesterday i found my wood-burner/soldering iron/hot knife, which means that i might be dabbling in sculpture at some point. also, i believe on april 4th a piece of mine will be going on display--it's the largest piece i've ever done, measuring about 3'x7.5'. the dimensions make it really difficult to photograph, but i've taken a really rough picture of it (i had to hang it up outside in the sunlight and stand back about 15 feet in order to get the whole image in the frame...)

here's the photo i managed to take...

sharpie ink on paper.
i'm not sure how much wall space there is for the show, but if they'll fit i might also be displaying some other pieces from earlier in the year, including:

acrylic and ink on wood panel.

acrylic and ink on wood panel.
despite the complete creepiness of the last piece, it was actually really fun to work on. i used some sort of unconventional methods for laying down the background (i had planned on using a spray bottle to help the paint spread, but then i forgot it. i then resorted to buying a bottle of watter and spitting it out onto the wet paint...). i think the act of actually spitting on my own piece is certainly reflective of its subject matter, as well as my disgust with how some people seem to lack any sort of religious tolerance /*rant*

but yes. anyways, i will post triptych photos once it's completed.

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