Tuesday, March 29, 2011

some photography...

been experimenting with photography lately, as well as lomography (i'd post lomo pics but i still need to get them developed...). in lieu of that, i've got some other photos i've taken.

the park where i live--taken several months ago.

i'm starting to realize just how luck i am to have grown up near a park. after a rough day and one too many cups of coffee, it's the perfect place to wind down.

for once, i wasn't wearing make-up. =/
me several hair colors ago, messing around with my kodak duoflex and naively thinking that ttv could work without a shadowbox. i was wrong.
from my trip to the georgia aquarium. this is a wolf eel--my brother thinks it looks like an old man. i think he's just lonely :'(
knowing me, there will be more photos in the not so distant future. also, i bought the hinges for my triptych today--hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow.

and now for something completely different: for anyone who hasn't seen this, it's amazing...

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  1. That first one is beautiful.