Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Works in Progress...

I've begun a new painting that I'm working on outside of the studio. It's not finished, but I figured I'd post some pictures of how it's coming along...
all of the mess around the canvas is the paper that I put on top of my drawing table, to prevent it from getting paint all over it.
I've also been doing some jewelry work, in preparation for a project that I'll be doing in a few weeks. I'll be working with a local artist out at the Cedar Creek Gallery--she makes beautiful pieces! You can find her work on her website: Sandra McEwen. This is a necklace that I'm working on right now; once again, it's not finished yet. I made the flower in the center using polymer clay and acrylic paint, and then sealed it.

I've been trying my hand at different wire-wrapping techniques; I plan on using even more for the rest of the necklace.
these are two sketches that I did while I was really bored. thought they were amusing :)
apparently, this is my idea of a really strange Wilco poster...
...i have no idea.
more to come soon!


  1. That necklace is beautiful! And I like how your painting is coming along, I'd be excited to see how if finally turns out ^^

  2. your painting is looking great! and even the "mess" at the sides looks wonderful! i also like your wire wrapping. something i would like to try someday.